10 reasons why you’re not working out

You know you should be working out, but you don’t. Why not? Chances are, it’s one of these ten reasons, or something similar. Most of these boil down to just a few key principles about persistence and planning ahead. See if you can come up with more excuses after reading these.

You really hate to exercise. would you hate to possibly add years to your life, and the quality of those years?

You’ve tried to exercise but you keep quitting. “If you can’t fly, run. But at all costs, keep moving.” What motivated you?

You can’t afford (or have no access to) a gym membership. Then do it in the comfort of your own home or partner up with a friend or family member to cut down on the cost, walking is largely free.

You’re not seeing any changes in your body. Persistence! Forget the scale and feel the benefits from the psychological factor. Know that you are doing is the right thing and that you are promoting a healthier lifestyle.

You don’t know how to exercise. Then ask for help, hire a trainer, purchase some videos, etc.

You want to exercise but you have to take care of your family. How do you plan on taking care of your family if you don’t take care of yourself? Could you involve the family in the exercise?

You can’t seem to stay motivated to continue working out. Anything worthwhile takes time! And wouldn’t you love to have the ability to interact with your great grandchildren?

Exercise Hurts. Pain is temporary, and besides if it were easy then everybody would be in great shape and live to be 100! You will recover, I promise.

You can’t make the commitment to stick to an exercise routine. Start easy, set achievable and realistic goals, know that what you are doing today will benefit you years down the line. Get with an accountability partner, make the commitment to your children?

You don’t have time. 1st things 1st you are never going to find some extra time lying around. You have to make time, it is not going to suddenly appear. If you make it a priority then you will surely fit it in somewhere, somehow, and sometime.