10 reasons why you should be working out

Virtually everyone knows that they should be working out, but it’s usually in tandem with some outer goal they want to reach: to look thinner. To gain muscle. To improve their heart-rate or lower their cholesterol. Turns out, there are other, sometimes even better reasons for working out! Here are ten.

To reduce the risk of premature death

This is a no brainer, if you could add 5 or 10 years to your life would you like that?

Improve your psychological well-being

Forget the scale if you’re not seeing immediate results. Reap the psychological benefits of allocating the time to enhance your quality of life.

Reduce body fat and increased lean body mass

Breaking down body fat enables your metabolism to work more efficiently. Keeping a consistent workout schedule keeps the metabolism cranking.

Reduce the risk of developing diabetes

Many adults can alleviate diabetes onset with the incorporation of a physical fitness program.

Reduce stress, depression, and anxiety

Working out triggers the release of certain neurotransmitters in the brain that actually make you feel good, maybe not during the workout, but the post workout feeling is magnificent!

Improvement in cardiovascular/cardiorespiratory function

Increased cardiac output, stroke volume (a cardio measurement), blood volume, and the bodies ability to carry oxygen, which means more blood to the brain!

Improves flexibility (range of motion)

Improving your range of motion increases the production of Synovial fluid, the lubrication of the joints.

Increases HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol)

HDL cholesterol actually cleans the arterial wall as part of its main functions.

Increases muscular strength, balance, and coordination

Probably the most sensible reason that we all work out. This directly affects the overall functional ability of adults.

Because it is the right thing to be doing!

“By working out today you will burn an additional 120 calories tomorrow”

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